“design, develop, grow together”

We are a mobile hyper casual game studio and we aim to deliver fun and enjoyment through our games.

Check out the openings in our Denizli and İzmir offices as well as work-from-home options.


Game Developer

Join our team of great developers.

Senior Game Developer

Join our team of experienced developers.


3D Game Artist

Join our team of talented artists.


Join our team of trendsetter testers.


➔ We want to coach and train the youth to become game professionals. We await creative, dedicated and motivated young people who like to take initiative and grow professionally to become specialists in their respective fields.

➔ We aim to fast track the potential teammate’s growth and development to welcome them into the growing ecosystem of game development in Turkey.

➔ Our mission is to teach the participants everything they need to know about their future profession on the field, using one of the fool-proof teaching methods: Apprenticeship

➔ We provide the apprentices with professional and personal coaching throughout the program

➔ The programs runs between 1 to 3 months depending on each participant’s development. If their development is satisfactory at the end of the program, they will be eligible to join the team full time.

For more information please contact info@tiplaystudio.com






P owered by Turkey’s big leap in hyper casual mobile games, tiplay studio was founded by three entrepreneurs who share the dream of bringing games to life in Denizli. Right after initiation, tiplay created games that topped the USA AppStore Charts. (Water Shooty, tiplay’s first ever game published by Rollic, topped the charts in the USA becoming the second most downloaded mobile app surpassing giants like TikTok or Gmail in a couple of days after launching while becoming the first in Action Games.)

Believing in empowering game entrepreneurs, tiplay and Rollic launched the accelerator program oFON. oFON provides financial, technical and entrepreneurial support to dedicated game entrepreneurs. After successfully launching at the local and national scale, oFON now expands its reach to the global teams.

We keep chasing our dream of bringing successful mobile games to life while growing together!