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Product Owner

What You Will Do?

  • Coordination and execution of the entire team, transferring gamification and the joy of the game into the product, collaborating with all departments (software, art, design) on the production process of all games, and identifying feedback and work from the conception stage to "launch" game production.

Required Skills and Experiences

  • Evaluate game ideas

  • Evaluating and improving Prototype Design Documents for written games

  • Executioning process of game together with all departments (software, art, design)

  • Deisgnate all jobs to given technical teams to developing games from first prototype to launch

  • Determining specialities and solutions for implementation of ideas from first prototype to launch

  • Analyzing and evaluating content that will increase the fun of games by making use of data and metrics

  • Creating best scenarios for games and transfer to design team

  • Monitoring games under marketing test and evaluating updates of soft-launch and launched games transferring them to the necessary departments and organizing them

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