We are building the biggest mobile game development studio in the world, remotely.


🕹️ Do you have what it takes to become a game developer or artist, but no experience? We’ve got good news for you! You can become an apprentice at tiplay studio and start climbing the career ladder now!

🕹️ We accept highly motivated talents who possess great potential in game industry as apprentices to fast-track their growth. No diploma or previous work experience required.

🕹️ Apprentices work 5 days a week under supervision and spend the rest of their time on personal growth. Assigned coaches provide apprentices with everything they need, even in off hours.

🕹️ Apprenticeship lasts three months max, but apprentices are promoted to full-time positions as soon as they demonstrate required skill sets and professionalism.






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I ncorporated in July, 2019, tiplay studio is the fastest-growing game development ecosystem in Turkey. After releasing two hits which generated more than 20M+ downloads within its first year, tiplay studio is now focused on creating a sustainable game development ecosystem globally.

In February 2020, tiplay studio launched oFON, the very first global game studio accelerator program that provides financing, development support, coaching, tools, perks and many other things, funded by its strategic partner Rollic (Zynga). oFON recruited 12 teams, became the biggest hypercasual accelerator program and generated three hit games since 2020: Joust Run, Dodge Master and Queue Jumping.

tiplay studio launched Online WorkSpace (OWS) in late 2020, a remote work platform for employees and oFON teams. OWS enables remote game development including processes such as online ideation, QA, prototype management and professional growth.

tiplay studio is a Snap Game Partner and has launched its first Snap game in late 2021, Pair Up!