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  • 🕹️ 1- Apprenticeship: What It Is? What Isn’t?
    - Apprenticeship is not a training program, course, academy, internship or school! - It is a system that provides full-time employment to talents who are motivated for self-development, suitable for the tiplay culture and have high potential. - No diploma or work experience is required for apprenticeship.
  • 🕹️ 2- Is it mandatory to work at Denizli? Can we work remotely?
    - We think that the time spent in our offices is important for the adoption of tiplay studio culture by the stakeholders who are part of our team. - It is mandatory to be in the office during the apprenticeship process in order to follow the apprentice development one-to-one, to learn in the kitchen and to be led by our teammates who are experts in their field. - After the apprenticeship, you can switch to office, hybrid or remote working method with the approval of your team leader.
  • 🕹️ 3- Do apprentices take salary?
    - You’ll start after confirmation about joining as an apprenticeship with the starting of insurance. - In this process, the monthly salary amount was determined as net 8500₺ plus 1000₺ Multinet.
  • 🕹️4- How Apprenticeship process goes?
    - The first two weeks are dedicated to the orientation process. - The apprenticeship lasts a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months. - During this process, the person receives trainings and coaching to increase competence. - During this development process, the person is promoted as soon as he/she receives approval from the team leaders.
  • 🕹️ 5- What are the opportunities that tiplay studio provides to the apprentices?
    - You can work under the supervision of experienced team leaders 5 days a week and get feedback from them. - You will be entitled to Udemy subscription and psychological counseling services to accelerate your personal development. - Outside of working hours, you can be involved in activities that support your development processes by the coaches assigned to you and you can ask for help from them.
  • 🕹️ 6- How’s The Work Environment in Tiplay Studio
    - You’ll have a chance to create strong career in tiplay, Turkey’s fastest growing game development ecosystem - You’ll have a chance to work with fine equipment inside of an innovative working culture with a relax and comfortable working environment. - You’ll get involved/included ecocystem provides workation to employees every year, offers places to employees for fun and resting, focusing on personal development.
  • 🕹️ 7- Why Denizli?
    - Since our Denizli office is located in a central location, you will not experience extra travel costs and loss of time in traffic. The average time spent in traffic by those coming "from afar" is less than 15 minutes! - Denizli offers high quality of life and low cost of living compared to many cities. - It is known for its proximity to touristic spots in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. - It provides entertainment opportunities throughout the year with concerts, theater and shows. - There are many schools and courses offering a good quality of education.
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